Sourcing the natural ingredients for our products led us to partner with forward-thinking leaders in the food industry. Matching their desire to reduce waste with our need to extract the key natural ingredients for our products created a unique opportunity. Our journey to become upcycling leaders had begun!

Normactive’s upcycling journey: we’ve been in it from the beginning!

Our upcycling journey begins with our food-industry partners. Their waste products are rich sources of the key natural ingredients, like phytochemicals, used in Normactive products. We collect unused parts of fruits, nuts, and grains when they are at their peak ripeness. Summer fruits, like grape, apricot, and peach seeds are collected between June and September from Juice Factories. Fall produce, like Cornelian cherry pits, hawthorn, and rosehips, come from marmalade producers between September and November. Winter fruits like olive seeds are collected between November and April. Some products are available to use throughout the year, such as hazelnut skins and rice bran. After the food wastes are collected from various factories, the race against time begins in order to prevent possible contamination.

Processing is the next step in the journey, including washing, drying, crushing, sifting, and separating. The pomegranate pericarp extract found in our product, CHROMAZONE™, is processed by arranging the pericarps in a single row on shelves in order to prevent contamination during their processing.

Except for rice bran and hazelnut skin, the washing process is done with water using high-pressure washers. The drying process uses a steam generator in order to provide the appropriate humidity level for further steps. Next, the seeds, like apricot, and peach, are crushed and sorted. These processes are performed in the local farming communities, which provides them an additional source of income.

Green Processing Alert! The hard skins separated from peach and apricot kernels are used as fuel In the steam generator which used during these processes.

The third and final step of our upcycling journey is to produce oils and actives. To obtain 100% pure Oil without any chemicals, alcohol, or solvents, wastes are extracted using environmentally friendly SC-CO2 extraction technology. This eco-friendly process uses purified CO2 gas that provides by geothermal central. In order to produce our upcycled actives, we turn wastes into value-added products by maceration and extraction.

At Normactive, we take our commitment to the environment seriously. We are dedicated to using natural, environmentally-friendly sourced ingredients turn into value added skin and hair care products that are not only safe for the environment, but for you, too.

In the upcycling journey, we continue to be the mirror of nature and reflect it. Join us!