With high affinity to keratin, CHROMAZONE™ retains color by forming a film layer on the hair surface. Liposome-based formulation of CHROMAZONE™ carries pomegranate pericarp extract encapsulated in liposome spheres through the cuticle and releases its high antioxidant content over time at the cortex.

With its action on and inside the hair, CHROMAZONE™ locks hair color even during rinse-off applications.

Why You Will Love It?

 Locks hair color both in leave-on & rinse-off formulations  

50% improved hair color protection compared to commercial benchmark

25% less color bleeding compared to control  

3X prolonged antioxidant activity compared to Vitamin

 Liposome-based formulation penetrates on & into hair shaft for powerful protection

 Upcycled ingredient

CHROMAZONE™ is a natural cationic active ingredient that designed for post-dye-treatment hair care applications to retain hair color. Either a rinse-off or a leave-on application alone, CHROMAZONE™ shows extraordinary results in preventing hair color from fading.


The liposome-based formulation of CHROMAZONE™ consists of a high content of phospholipids that have high affinity to hair keratin. CHROMAZONE™ forms a cross-linked network with the hair to provide a protective seal. This helps to inhibit the transfer of molecules in and out of the hair shaft and so preventing color fade.


CHROMAZONE™ also passes through the cuticle layer and enters the cortex of the hair, thanks to its small particle size. The pomegranate pericarp extract is released from liposome structure and shows antioxidant properties on the hair. Ellagic acid in pomegranate breaks the free radical chain by donating hydrogen atoms to reducing agents easily and preventing the formation of peroxide.

Water, Lecithin, Punica granatum (Pomegranate) Pericarp Extract

  • Shampoo & conditioners
  • Leave-on hair treatments
  • Styling products
  • Post-chemical products
  • Hair colorants

  Long-Lasting Color Retention

  Liposome-Based Delivery System

  Natural Hair Color Protection

  Prolonged Antioxidant Activity

  Forming Lipid Based Protective Film Around Hair

  Locks Hair Color Both In Leave-On & Rinse-Off Formulations

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