BIOVOLUME 128™️ is a natural hair volumizer that guarantees to transforms fine, thin strands into full-bodied hair.

Its biopolymeric content diffuses into hair strands helping hair fibers retain more moisture while increasing hair volume.

Unique species of linden tree growing in Turkey allows BIOVOLUME 128™️ to be rich in phytochemicals which help to volumize and mousturize the hair.

It is a highly effective natural agent for hair care applications that promote hair to bounce.

Why You Will Love It?

  +30% Overall Hair Volume

  +6% Moisture Uptake Capacity

  Boosts Volume For Up To 12 Hours

  Instant Effect After First Use


Virgin Caucasian hair swatches were washed with shampoos containing 2% of BIOVOLUME 128™ and 2% of commercial benchmark and water only.

Volumizing effect in the hair tresses were measured after single washing cycle. The volume of the BIOVOLUME 128™ treated hair increased by 30% while commercial benchmark and water treated hair increased hair volume only by 15% and 10% respectively.

BIOVOLUME 128™ gives hair two times more volume than the commercial benchmark.

Water, Glycerin, Tilia tomentosa Bud Extract

  • Shampoo
  • Styling Gel
  • Conditioner
  • Mascara

  Natural Hair Volumizer

  Instant Effect After First Use

  Up to 12 Hours Voluminous Results

  Offers Balanced Hydration

  Creates a Protective Film Around Hair

  Softens Hair

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