Hair care, just like skin care, is a very important step on our way to reach total wellness. And, we all use a lot of products for hair care. Each of us has different expectations for the products we use. For example, we can expect a lot of features from a product we use for hair such as preventing frizz, providing easy combing, shine & a beautiful appearance, and repairing our hair at the same time. Also, we can pay attention to the fact that its ingredients are obtained by upcycling, contribute to sustainability, and be produced by paying attention to environmental problems. We can expect too much from a product for the sake of our own and our planet’s wellness.

Our new hair active, TRI-MEA™, which we aim to meet all these expectations, offers a response to these expectations. TRI-MEA™ which is an upcycled and biodegradable natural active ingredient for hair care with its tri-in-one effects; anti-frizz & easy-combing, gloss, split-end & cuticle repair, has a green & innovative production process for its unique Upcycled Wheat Germ Extract and its total structure with LIPONORM TECHNOLOGY. It reduces the use of silicones in hair care formulas with its instant and strong efficacy on hair structure in different formulas.

In this month’s NORMAG issue, we discussed how TRI-MEA™ contributes to the circular economy with its production process, where it fits in the market, and how cares about nature by reducing the use of silicones in hair care formulas, by being an upcycled, biodegradable and natural active ingredient that boosts the conditioning effect with its anti-frizz & easy-combing, gloss, and split-end repair effects.