The upcycling concept, which enables the production of new, functionally different, and often higher quality products from waste materials that we encounter in many different sectors, occupies a very important place in the cosmetics industry today. This concept makes us question waste again and makes it possible to obtain new, value-added and innovative products from it. At this point, NORMACTIVE is developing its portfolio in this field, being aware that the upcycling concept is the future itself rather than a trend. ROSECOCKTAIL™ is a new member of this developing portfolio, which we created with the oils of fruit seeds (Apricot Kernel Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil) that are by products of fruit juice production processes.

In this month’s NORMAG issue, we discussed what upcycling is, and the advantages of it compare to recycling, by questioning the topics like what waste is, and how much waste we generate in general and in the fruit juice industry. We also explained the role of NORMACTIVE in upcycling and sustainability by explaining the processes that are done for obtaining an upcycled cosmetic active ingredients, and our new launch called ROSECOCKTAIL™; which is an upcycled oil complex we developed for skincare.