Hair is the most powerful tool of human to express their identity. Like us, it experienced lots of changes, especially in terms of coloring. People prefer different colors in their hair and they want this color for long term. It is obvious that this coloring process and lots of environmental factors can damage our hair and cause loss of color. In this situation, antioxidants are widely used in order to protect hair structure.

However, in addition to the protective effect of antioxidants, it is much more innovative to blend them with a new technology and create a formula that will keep the hair dye on the hair longer. In this issue, we aimed to explain our novel product called CHROMAZONE™ that is designed for long-lasting color retention in dyed hair, with its standardized extract of Punica granatum (Pomegranate) pericarp that is formulated in a liposome-based delivery system.

In this month’s NORMAG issue, we discussed the what antioxidants are, the classification of antioxidants, the role of antioxidants in hair by explaining the processes that damage hair, importance of pomegranate as an antioxidant, the liposome technology that is used in CHROMAZONE™ and its action mechanism with efficacy results.