True beauty is not about how we look but how we feel.

Our body is the only home to our mind and soul which makes each one of us unique individuals. Expressing and appreciating who we really are with pride is what makes life beautiful. Cosmetics are a splendid way of expressing individuality.

As a natural active ingredient manufacturer in the cosmetic industry, we believe everyone should be confident and liberated according to their own beauty norms. We are committed to fulfilling our customers’ and their consumers’ aspirations with authenticity and quality.

We, at Normactive have made it our mission to encourage our customers to liberate their brands by empowering true beauty and self-appreciation.

Our mission is our philosophy.

Normactive celebrates true beauty by standing against imposed beauty norms. This is a vital part of our responsibility to the world that we live in and for future generations to come. True beauty doesn’t need alteration nor validation. It needs preservation, protection and nurturance. We create high performance natural cosmetic active ingredients which serve a specific purpose in benefiting the skin and hair. 

We serve reflection through our unique perspective.

We are the mirror, and we can tell, the beauty is nothing but a perception.